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About Jivey Designs

Jivey Designs is a Michigan based graphic design company . When possible we buy local supplies and subcontract to local businesses. We offer a variety of services from page layout, flyer design, logo design, web design. Explore the site for more details.

Web Design

A well designed website should be visually pleasing & clean. Simple to get around without clicking too many links. Should have no gimmicky flash animations or other pointless distractions. Thankfully the trend today is going away from flash heavy designs. Instead, simple to navigate sites that are Mobile device friendly are all the rage.

  • AllInsulators.com
    This site combines the complexity of lots of data and images with an intuitive to navigate site. This site is fully mobile responsive and supports “Retina Displays” (Also known as HiDPI)

  • Detroitmm.com
    This site uses the latest web standards such as CSS3, html5 and responsive design. What that gives you is a site that dynamically will change depending on the device viewed on. Gone are the days of separate "Mobile" versions of sites.

  • Hemingray.net - Hemingray On-Line Museum
    This site takes an unique graphics driven user interface approach to dividing the site up into category. This site has won an award for "Best of the Web" for sites on this topic. It is considered to be the standard in sites about the historic Hemingray Glass Company. This site was the first in its category to be both mobile responsive and Retina display capable.

Page Layout

Our page layout services can be anything from a flyer, menu, business card to something more in-depth like a magazine. The below is just a couple examples of the wide range of services we can offer.

Drip Point Magazine
Drip Points Magazine is a quarterly publication. Delivered in both full color printed editions and PDF that is iPad compatible. This magazine is 40-50 pages in length and printed full color and full bleed.

Promotional Postcard
Example of a 2 sided full color, full bleed postcard. An alternative way to advertise your event instead of traditional flyers because you can mail it too. Example is 4 ¼ x 6 but can be any size.

Detroit Metro Mashup Card
Step by Step Card

Business Card
A good business card is important because it typically is your first interaction with a potential customer that you meet at a event or while out and about. You never know when a good business opportunity will present itself so having a beautiful business card is a great first up .

Logo Design

A good logo is the first step to a brand identity. Today you see 3 key concepts in logo design.

1. This one only works for well established or big brand names. A logo that when you see it you know the company name or product with out the name being in the logo.
Examples: Apple, Nike or Target.

2. Combination of logo and stylized text. This is the second most common type of logo design today. You have stylized text with some graphic element.
Examples: Best Buy, McDonald's, Walmart.

3. The most common one you see now is stylized text with the use of different size fonts and color to make an unique clean logo.
Examples: Sony, Aveda, Drobo

  • All Insulators Logo
  • Hemingray On-Line Museum Logo
  • Detroit Metro Mashup Logo
  • Step By Step Logo